Dental Procedures

Pediatric dental procedures differ slightly from their adult counterparts, although they are relatively similar. Children’s dentist appointments are more frequent as children’s teeth develop at a rapid rate — and it’s important their growth be monitored by a specialized dentist to ensure everything is going smoothly. Our pediatric dentistry services include several procedures that ensure proper oral health and development.

Common Pediatric Dentistry Procedures

Our pediatric dentistry services including the following standard procedures:

Cavity Fillings
for Kids

Cavities are just a fact of life for many children. If your pediatric dentist discovers one or more, there’s no cause for panic — they can typically treat it quickly and painlessly. If your child has a cavity, it is important to have it filled and prevent further decay. There are multiple cavity filling treatments for kids, including dental sealants, tooth-colored fillings, and in rare cases, pediatric dental crowns.

Dental X-Rays
for Children

Dental radiographs, or dental X-rays, are critical diagnostic tools in pediatric dentistry. They allow our dentists to see and treat problems like childhood cavities, tooth decay, misalignment, as well bone injuries and diseases before they worsen. Dental X-rays’ main uses in pediatric dentistry include assessing the amount of space for incoming teeth, checking whether primary teeth are being shed in good time for adult teeth to emerge, and planning treatment.

Child Tooth Extraction

Certain occasions call for child tooth extraction, including:

  • Tooth decay is too extensive for restoration
  • Preparation for orthodontic treatment
  • Baby teeth fail to fall out before permanent teeth come in
  • Removal of chipped or damaged teeth caused by disease or trauma
  • After tooth extraction, we may recommend the use of a space maintainer. This small device works to preserve the current placement of surrounding teeth until the space is filled by a permanent tooth.

Emergency Dental Work for Kids

While we emphasize regular checkups and closely monitoring your children’s tooth and gum development, we understand that, like many things regarding children, accidents happen. We care about your child’s comfort, which is why we proudly provide emergency dental work for kids. From a knocked-out tooth to objects caught in teeth, we can handle it all!

Fluoride Treatments & Sealants

Fluoride works to prevent — and reverse — tooth decay by making teeth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars. Additionally, a dental sealant can help preserve a child’s smile by controlling decay in certain areas of the mouth. With fluoride treatments and sealant application, our pediatric dentists can take special care of children’s teeth, strengthening them for a brighter, shinier future!

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