Routine Dental Checkups

Regular dental checkups are crucial to maintaining children’s oral health. As a parent, you should begin taking your child to a pediatric dentist as soon as they have developed their first baby tooth. While some may believe that since baby teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent ones, taking care of their primary teeth ensures their permanent teeth have a solid foundation. The earlier you start caring for your children’s teeth, the better their oral health will be once they mature.

Baby’s First Visit

Are you gearing up for your baby’s first visit to the dentist? Trust our team to give you and your little one the warmest welcome! We’re proud not just to be your baby’s first dentist but to be the only one they’ll need as they grow. Our pediatric dentists are highly qualified to care for your baby’s oral health and are committed to supporting new parents every step of the way.

There are several reasons to take your child to a pediatric dentist for regular dental checkups, including:

  • Prevention of cavities, tooth decay, and malocclusion
  • Enables your child’s dentist to watch out for gum problems
  • Keeps your child’s oral system clean
  • Helps your child understand importance of good oral hygiene

Your baby hits a new milestone nearly every day — and their first dental visit is no exception! Your baby’s first dental visit will involve the dentist examining your child to make sure their jaw and teeth are developing correctly. The dentist will check for mouth injuries, cavities, and any other issues. Afterward, your child’s teeth will be cleaned, and the dentist will give you additional tips for daily care. If your child cries a bit or wiggles during the exam, rest assured that it’s all perfectly normal! Our seasoned dental team understands this is a new experience for your child.

Upon reaching two years of age, it’s recommended children have dental checkups every six months — just like adults!

Schedule Your Child’s Dentist Appointment Today

Whether you’re lining up your baby’s first dental visit or want to partner with a new dentist for your kids’ ongoing dental checkups, we are here to be the go-to resource for your child’s oral health. For more information on the importance of dental checkups for your child or to schedule a dentist appointment for your child, reach out to our team!

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